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"A Moment Of Connection"

Remove your shoes and walk around.

Grip the earth and feel the ground.

Pinch the grass between your toes.

Feel the terrain’s highs and lows.

In the cool soil, bury your feet.

Stretch your roots way down deep.

Fill your body with the fresh, crisp air

Beyond just the lungs to everywhere:

To the tips of your fingers,

To the crown of your head,

To your feet’s little piggies,

Feel your breath spread.

Melt into this moment present.

For many, they are not so frequent.

Sometimes the world is so distracting,

We wonder why our life feels lacking.

But something as plain and simple as this

Can bring about undeniable bliss.

So close your eyes and be in the Now,

A moment of connection, someway, somehow.


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