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Our Natural Skin Care Ingredients


Bioactive Silver Hydrosol

A combination of silver ions (positively charged) along with silver nanoclusters (the smallest of all silver nanoparticles) as tiny as 0.8nm. It is not the same as "ionic silver". Silver hydrosol is comprised of 2 ingredients only: Purified water (FDA pharmaceutical grade) and 99.999% pure silver. 

People have been using silver for over 2,000 years to help protect human health. You can find this natural element in many different places: whole grains, spring water, medicinal and edible mushrooms, etc. Silver has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Macedonians, and Phoenicians used silver to help keep their immunity strong after discovering its anti-microbial effects. Known as the "Father of Medicine", Hippocrates noted in his medical texts that silver not only had anti-disease properties, but it also aided in the healing of wounds and tissue. Before antibiotics came about, silver was one of the limited antimicrobial treatments available. 

In 1852, they used fine silver wires to suture wounds after discovering its healing properties. Similarly, in America's Old West, they would drop silver coins into water barrels to help protect against water-borne diseases and during the Civil War, they even used silver to treat syphilis. Also during the 1800's, they used silver nitrate to treat skin ulcers and wounds, and later in newborn babies' eyes for protection against post-delivery infection. 

Colloidal silver was officially discovered in the 1890's and by the time the 1930's rolled around, it was physicians' preferred choice for aiding the immune system and the body's natural healing process. Though silver was used on the WWI battlefields to treat infections, its frequent medicinal use declined with the arrival of antibiotics. 

In the 1960's, the Apollo spacecraft utilized a generator that disbursed silver ions into their water as an antibacterial. Later in 2015, NASA authorized the use of a silver-based water purifier on the International Space Station. Since 1968, the use of silver based Sulfadiazine for care is still the worldwide standard in burn centers. Today, as people are seeking more natural ways to support and grow their wellbeing and health, silver is making a comeback!

*Silver hydrosol has never been reported to cause a single case of Argyria. For further questions regarding this, please email us at

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Liquid Castile Soap:

A natural plant based soap free of synthetic ingredients that originated in Spain (in the Castile region, hence the name). Originally, castile soap was made mainly of olive oil, as they had easy access to it. However, nowadays, castile soap is and can be made with many different combinations of carrier oils.

At TillyRuth, our non-clogging Castile soap is made with multiple different beneficial oils and is also biodegradable!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Natural Essential Oils:

Plants that have been distilled into liquid/oil. They are highly concentrated and contain the compounds that keep plants alive. In humans, they support body systems and our health and wellness. Not all essential oils are created equal. TillyRuth uses only the highest quality essential oils to ensure the purity of our products.

*Even though our essential oils are natural and very pure, some people are sensitive to particular smells and fragrances, so we also make "Essential Oil Free" versions of our products. We aim to please!

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