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For many companies, Black Friday is their biggest sale day of the year. However, this "holiday" is all about consumerism. People buy things for the sake of buying things. More often than not, they buy items they don't need, and frankly, don't even want, but that is the culture nowadays. Don't even get us started on Cyber Monday! 


Long story short, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not built on positive intentions and they definitely have negative environmental impacts (contributing to climate change and CO2 emissions, adding to mountains of waste, polluting our oceans, leaching chemicals into the earth, depleting our natural resources, etc.)


Well, we are here to cut the crap!


We whole heartedly believe that our biggest sale of the year should revolve around something that not only has true meaning, but something that is globally beneficial and impactful. That is why our biggest sale day of the year is. . . Earth Day! 


Earth Day aims to raise worldwide awareness about climate change, global warming, sustainability, and implementing changes for our environment. This day is recognized as the biggest secular observance in the whole world with more than 1 Billion people participating in some sort of action or festivity.


So to celebrate Earth Day with our beloved TillyRuth community, our entire store is . . .


22% OFF 


So have fun shopping with peace of mind that you are not only saving $$$ but saving the        

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