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About Us

Our Origin Story

Hi! I'm Rachel, the founder of TillyRuth. I began switching over all of the toxic products in my household and life to cleaner safer solutions in 2015, after my Aunt was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. The Lyme Disease made her extremely sensitive to chemicals, synthetics, toxins, etc. My aunt refers to herself as a "Canary in a Coal Mine", someone or something who, due to his or her sensitivity, acts as an indicator and early warning of possible danger or adverse conditions. I was inspired and heeded my aunt's warnings so I began to clean house! That included everything: household cleaning supplies, bath and beauty products, perfumes, pet products, supplements, packaging (i.e. plastics and aluminum), air fresheners, candles, etc. Anything that wasn't made with the cleanest and safest ingredients were out of there! Once I ridded myself of all of these products, I truly understood just how hazardous they had been all of those years.

In an effort to keep my family safe and healthy, I began making my own products, with only the most wholesome and high quality ingredients. Yes, I could have purchased ready made products that were supposed to be "cleaner and safer", however most of them still included preservatives and ingredients that were not recognizable. So why take the chance? Soon friends and family began to take notice and ask questions, and I realized my true purpose was to help others be the best healthy versions of themselves!

Now I provide products that help keep you YOU...from the inside out! I'm an open book and so is TillyRuth. I built the company on pure intentions, honesty, and transparency.

"Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself."

~ William Shakespeare

Where Is the Name "TillyRuth" From?

I am SO glad you asked!

Ruth is my maternal grandmother (though she goes by her middle name "Rachel" - I am named after her) and Tilly is HER mother. Tilly died when my grandmother was a young girl but I have always felt very connected to her. In fact, she and I speak often :) And we even look alike!

I am very close with my Nona (Ladino for grandmother). She has been a wonderful friend, guide, and source of wisdom. She has endured much, yet her light remains ever so bright and shining. She's always had two phrases that she's said and they are simple, yet deep. So I will pass them on to you in hopes that they resonate in some way for you:

"Be good to yourself"

"Go with the flow"


~ Nona

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