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Sunbuddy is finally here!

Essential Oil

Roller Bottles

Welcome to our new product line: Chakra Roller Bottles!

Specially formulated to bring balance & alignment to the 7 main chakras

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Your search for natural skin care products is over!

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Just like you, we searched high and low for a company that not only has clean products that work but values we could get behind! But our searches always came up short . . .


So we decided to become that company ourselves :)

Best Sellers

NO Preservatives

NO Fragrances

NO Hidden Ingredients


Get the results you desire
with clean ingredients
your body will love

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Organic Ingredients

​"Our promise to you is that you will know EXACTLY what you are putting on your body, just as it should be. We do not add preservatives or other chemicals to "enhance" the color, smell, or shelf life of our products. We worry so you don't have to!"

~ Founder, Rachel Foody

We plant 3 Trees with EVERY order

We strive to not only be eco-friendly but to have a positive long lasting-impact on the environment.


In addition to planting 3 trees

with every purchase, we use all sustainable materials and ship

orders with neutral carbon emissions.

Partners with One Tree Planted

What makes us different from other companies selling natural skin care products?

We are SO excited that consumers are beginning to ask more questions and educate themselves on products and ingredients they put in and on their bodies.

Because of YOU, new companies are forming to fill the need for natural skin care products and old companies are starting to reevaluate their old ways and outdated, unhealthy formulas.

We LOVE this! And though we are moving in the right direction, it's not as far along and as fast as we'd like . . . so here's what we do differently from other companies.

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is to help educate and inspire you, the consumer, so you have the information to make informed independent decisions when buying from us or ANY company.

While we are incredibly particular with every little part that goes into our products, we don't want you to just take our word for it!  Our desire

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Want to be part of new product releases?

Interested in trying new formulations before anyone else?


Want free product AND a gift card? 

Click HERE to apply

Input your information in the Contact Us form

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